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Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 09:14:12 -0500

Hi Aaron,

> It should be possible for the helper to accept a single fraction as well, so 
> both of these usages could work:
> %%%%
> \time \note-denom 6/8   ;; slash means simple numeric fraction
> \time \note-denom 2 4.  ;; no slash means scalar and duration
> %%%%

Well, that’s something — thanks!

> But is \note-denom doing anything useful for the simple case?  Users would 
> probably just want to say \time 6/8 directly and cut out the middle man.

Then how does the TimeSignature know to have a note glyph on the bottom? Is 
there *also* a #'style change involved?

> Functions can accept ly:music? and you can drill down to determine if it 
> contains TimeSignatureMusic and modify its properties.  The only issue is 
> that currently \time (and TimeSignatureMusic) require the denominator to be a 
> number.  You can convert 2/4. to its logical equivalent of 6/8 but key 
> information is lost.  \note-denom cannot magically recover the original 
> intention to be able to render the signature as the user wanted.

If 2/4. is the value entered, do we have access to the num (2) after the 
conversion to 6/8 has happened? If so, I could “reverse engineer” the 2/4. from 
(num . denom) = (6 . 8).


Kieren MacMillan, composer (he/him/his)
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