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Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:25:39 +0100
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Kieren MacMillan <> writes:

> Hi Lukas,
>> Which one of those bars is more natural than the other, and why?
> That question has a more specific answer: According to Gould, one of
> them is not just “more natural” but *correct*, and the other is not
> just “less natural” but *incorrect*.  ;)
> When dividing any note duration, there is a specific formula when to
> move from one sub-duration to the next smaller sub-duration (e.g. in
> tuplets of varying number).

If that were so, sextuplets would not be a thing.  Nor would be duplets.
At any rate, if music were only allowed to express Gould-correct
notation, we would not be having this discussion in the first place.

David Kastrup

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