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Re: [RFC] Moving to Guile 2.2 and away from GUB

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: [RFC] Moving to Guile 2.2 and away from GUB
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 15:12:23 +0100
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Am Samstag, dem 27.11.2021 um 14:31 +0100 schrieb Jan Nieuwenhuizen:
> Jonas Hahnfeld writes:
> > Am Samstag, dem 27.11.2021 um 12:43 +0100 schrieb Jan Nieuwenhuizen:
> > > I already proposed using GNU Guix, making use of its excellent cross
> > > build system and creation of universal binaries.
> > 
> > The problem is there is no such thing as cross-compilation for recent
> > macOS
> Yeah, the Darwin cross build would have to be ported to Guix;

There is nothing to port; I claim it's not feasible technically +
legally at the same time.

> that would be quite some work, but then it could benefit many.

So, how many open source projects would benefit from such work? I know
that we are the only ones using GUB, is that now different with Guix?
Because doing the work in a general fashion for nobody to use it, is a
waste IMHO.

> > I have never deeply looked into GNU Guix, but from my understanding
> > it's a general solution that will probably involve dynamic libraries,
> > again getting us into all sorts of trouble
> Yes, Guix uses dynamic libraries, and so do its universal binaries.  I'm
> not aware of any sort trouble with that.
> FWIW, Jean pointed out that my remark came too late, and inappropriately
> so.  Sorry about that.

I'm not sure I agree on "too late", but certainly "late". As such, it
would at least be fair to consider my arguments for why I don't
consider proposals brought forward repeatedly without proofs as
alternatives. I did think quite a bit about different ways, and I
certainly didn't like writing yet another build solution...


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