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Re: Lilypond variables

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Lilypond variables
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 14:04:38 +0100
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Am Sonntag, dem 28.11.2021 um 12:57 +0000 schrieb Phil Holmes:
> I'm trying to kick of a GUB build, but accessing my Ubuntu build machine 
> via a different route, because of problems I had earlier with my Windows 
> machine crashing.  I'm using a Remote Desktop Connection from my Windows 
> machine.  The user interface looks fairly different, but everything 
> seems to be there - except the variables like $LILYPOND_GIT and 
> $LILYPOND_BUILD_DIR.  I assume that the file that's run on logging in 
> directly and which sets these variables isn't being run.  Is there a way 
> to set them manually by running the same file?  If so, which would it 
> be?  Or is there a better way?

Assuming you're using bash, `source .bash_profile` might do. However, I
don't think the variables are needed for GUB. (In fact, I don't think
LilyPond's build system uses them at all anymore.)


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