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Re: pygments support in PDFs with LM fonts

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: pygments support in PDFs with LM fonts
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2021 09:01:46 +0100

> Le 4 déc. 2021 à 08:39, Werner LEMBERG <> a écrit :
>> Stupid question: how do I find the path to TeXLive in the build
>> system?
> All TeXLive binaries are expected to be in PATH.  Why do you need the
> path?

Sorry, I meant the <TeXLive> part of TEXINPUTS in your previous email.

>> Also, can we rely on TeX being installed via TeXLive? (This is a
>> genuine question.)
> TeXLive itself is a multi-gigabyte but modular monster; in the good
> old `configure` tradition LilyPond checks only for the features it
> actually needs.
> For pygments with LM, the following additional tests would be
> necessary.
> * A check that the `pltotf` binary is present (it is part of the
>  'fontware' TeXLive package).
> * Checks for `fontinst.sty` (in the 'fontinst' package) and the LM
>  fonts (in the 'lm' package).  Something like the following should
>  work, using a pars pro toto approach.
>    kpsewhich -format=tex fontinst.sty
>    kpsewhich -format='type1 fonts' lmtl10
>> Do we have CG instructions to update with respect to having lm and
>> fontinst installed?
> Yes.  For example, on my openSUSE box the following additional
> packages would be necessary.
>  texlive-lm            (for `.tfm` files)
>  texlive-lm-fonts      (for `.pfb` files)
>  texlive-fontinst      (for `fontinst.sty` and its necessary files;
>                         the package 'texlive-fontinst-bin' is not
>                         needed)
>  texlive-fontware-bin  (the package 'texlive-fontware' is not needed)

OK, thanks. This means that I will need a few days to get to it because I have 
to find the time to test what packages are required in common distributions.


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