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Re: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Re: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2021 23:17:14 +0100
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Am 05.12.2021 um 23:09 schrieb Michael Käppler:
Under Windows 10 x64, even the simplest file

\version "2.23.5"

{ c4 }

crashes with

;;; note: source file

;;;       newer than compiled

BTW, I removed all *.go files from the tree, it still fails.
ERROR: In procedure apply-smob/1:
Wrong number of arguments to #<boot-closure 58d9ca0 (_ . _)>


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