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Re: Fwd: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Fwd: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2021 00:51:51 -0800
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On 2021-12-08 11:30 pm, Jonas Hahnfeld wrote:
You'd be surprised what Windows does and does not do when extracting an
archive. At least when I was creating the archive with the command line
'zip' on Linux and used "Extract All..." in the Windows Explorer, it
made a difference in which order I added files.

For me, it's 7zip all the way. It extracts much faster than the built-in functionality, and it handles just about any archive format.

That said, Windows' built-in functionality is capable of preserving time stamps. I did a quick test where I zipped up a folder and extracted it to another location. The time stamps are as expected.

When extracting the archive you created, it seems like it is not doing it. But upon closer examination, it *is* recording the original time stamp--just as the created time, not the modified time. Seems like a bug where metadata from Unix files is being handled inconsistently. And since Guile presumably is looking at modified time, this bug will warrant building the archive carefully. "Good grief!" to quote Charlie Brown.

Yes, because you cannot use Guile without having byte-compiled files
for the most critical .scm files.

That seems a little silly. Even in the .NET/IL world, ngen is entirely optional.

By the by, is the intention going forward that LilyPond will ship its own .scm files byte-compiled?

-- Aaron Hill

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