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Re: Fwd: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Fwd: Binaries of LilyPond 2.23.5 with Guile 2.2
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 10:30:21 +0100
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Le 16/12/2021 à 08:19, Michael Käppler a écrit :
Am 16.12.2021 um 08:00 schrieb Jonas Hahnfeld via Discussions on
LilyPond development:
Am Donnerstag, dem 16.12.2021 um 00:11 +0100 schrieb Robin Bannister:
A few hours ago I wrote (re 2.23.5fixed)
Well, initially I ran into irrelevancies because my .ly file (for 2.22)
has #on-the-fly, which is no longer acceptable.

I tried running, but it was missing a .dll.
I will detail this later.

The attached file details this in its Case 1.

Case 2 is a workround using the 2.23.5 (1.8) system's python.
Ah yes:
So while we could technically stick to Python 3.8 for now, I'd argue
that Windows 7 is EOL since 2015, extended support ended almost two
years now (January 14, 2020). In my opinion, it doesn't make sense for
an open-source project to continue active support.
If switching back to Python 3.8 would be the only thing needed to
continue support
for Windows 7, I would strongly suggest doing that. My gut feeling is
that many active musicians
are very interested in getting new, critical editions of _music_, but
are rather conservative with regard
to their technical setup ;)
There are not few "features" that Microsoft introduced during the last
Windows editions that tend to annoy users
more than their awareness for security risks could compensate.

For a data point, about 1 Windows machine in 8
is running Windows these days.

That's nonzero, but far from a majority, and
users can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

I lean towards considering dropping Windows 7
support fine. Every added configuration means
specific testing time that is not spent on
others. Note that we already have problems with
encodings on Windows 7

I sympathize with users who don't like Microsoft's
upgrades, but there has to be a point where migration
becomes unavoidable, and that point has long
passed per Microsoft decision. It's worth remembering
that we're not releasing 2.24 tomorrow, and
by the time it will happen, more and more
if not most software will not be usable in
recent versions on Windows 7. I think development
time is better spent on testing actively used


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