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Could something be done about the way the list of MIDI instrument names

From: Petr Pařízek
Subject: Could something be done about the way the list of MIDI instrument names is presented?
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 14:14:51 +0100
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Hi all,

this list of MIDI instrument names would deserve some reformatting or even rewriting.
I'm saying this as someone who has never read this before.

The following things are all true at the same time, which makes the list hard to navigate with screen-reading software (i.e. when I can't see the screen):
- the items are arranged vertically rather than horizontally,
- the table is stored as continuous text rather than a proper HTML table,
- there's no information about which instrument name corresponds to which program number.

- Now suppose I want to find out what instrument name is used for the MIDI program number 82 in the listings that go from 1 to 128 (or 81 in those that go from 0 to 127). - Or suppose I'd like to know the program number corresponding to te MIDI instrument called "flute".

- If the items were either arranged horizontally or if they were stored in a proper table (or both), then the program number would be easy to figure out because: 1) if the items were stored in a proper table, I could use keystrokes for moving up and down rather than left or right, so that I could calculate the program number by first finding out how long one column is and then calculating how many times I should multiply this number to get as close as possible to the desired program number. 2) if they were arranged horizontally, I could still do it even without proper tables, assuming that each line always contains the same number of items, so that I could count how many lines I have to go up or down to find the particular program number.

- Obviously, the absolutely best case would be if the items were arranged horizontally, at the same time they would be presented as a proper table, and at the same time the program numbers would be included as well.




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