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Re: RFC: Adding syntax highlighting to the official documentation

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: RFC: Adding syntax highlighting to the official documentation
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 15:01:21 +0100
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Le 31/12/2021 à 14:42, Wols Lists a écrit :
On 19/12/2021 10:00, Jean Abou Samra wrote:
For the time being I'm only
focusing on HTML output. That has the advantage that
if even the contrast does not help, people can use
tools to adapt or remove the color scheme if they
need to. Echoing James' comment below, while not everyone
knows how to do this, I would assume someone with
some sort of vision impairment or trouble with colors
would. Right?

What you're missing here, is that someone with vision impairment may well have customised their system already. If your scheme messes that up, they won't thank you!

I am not sure I understand what kind of customization
you mean. Right now, all the documentation HTML contains

<pre class="verbatim">a big body of code...</pre>

so no custom highlighting is possible.  The proposal changes
his to

<pre class="verbatim highlight">
  <span class="someHighlightingToken>a little bit</span>
  <span class="anotherToken">another bit</span>

(whitespace added for readability), so now you can
inject custom CSS and have your own highlighting scheme
if you want, or disable highlighting completely.

I would expect someone with vision impairment
to use some browser extension that _removes_ colors.
That won't be messed up. No?

Can I remind you of the original aim of html - it is to give the END USER the power to control how the document displays. This has already been screwed over enough - such that I regularly find documents that I want to print print something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to what displays on screen, that I don't think we should be making matters worse ...

You should not be choosing colours, you should be creating a CSS with things like <emphasize> and <code> and whatever all those things are. It's down to the USER how those tags display.

It's great to make things customizable, but if there
are no colors by default, a vast majority of users
is not going to care. Syntax highlighting is a
quality-of-life improvement, not something a typical
user wants to spend time on. Are the customization
possibilites brought by CSS not sufficient? I'm
having trouble getting what your message means
technically for this specific proposal; please


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