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Re: Why is NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-system-details.extra-offset

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Why is NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-system-details.extra-offset "upside down"?
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 22:26:44 +0100
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Le 01/01/2022 à 21:30, Kieren MacMillan a écrit :
Hi all,

(Happy New Year!)

Is there a logical reason that for most tweaks negative extra-offset values 
move the associated grob vertically lower on the page, but with 
NonMusicalPaperColumn.line-break-system-details it moves the associated system 
*higher* on the page?

I offer it would be better if extra-offset had a consistent behaviour/effect.

Within a system, positive Y offsets move higher because
that is how we humans tend to think. However, page spacing
all works with Y offsets going down. That might be a little
more convenient a convention because systems are placed with
increasing Y offsets. It's easy to fix the direction of the
Y part of paper systems' extra-offsets ...

diff --git a/scm/page.scm b/scm/page.scm
index 01c167c6e2..d4807ab189 100644
--- a/scm/page.scm
+++ b/scm/page.scm
@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ of layout settings just like markups inside the music"
                  (extra-offset (ly:prob-property system 'extra-offset '(0 . 0)))
                  (x (+ (ly:prob-property system 'X-offset 0.0)
                        (car extra-offset)))
-                 (y (+ (ly:prob-property system 'Y-offset 0.0)
+                 (y (- (ly:prob-property system 'Y-offset 0.0)
                        (cdr extra-offset)))
                  (is-title (paper-system-title?

... but it is trickier to design a convert-ly rule to
fix existing user files.


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