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Re: What autogenerated documentation to translate

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: What autogenerated documentation to translate
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 20:08:09 +0100
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Am Montag, dem 10.01.2022 um 01:47 +0100 schrieb Jean Abou Samra:
> Hello,
> Suppose I submitted a change allowing to translate
> autogenerated documentation via PO files (likely not
> this week because I already have syntax highlighting
> on my plate, but this discussion can already happen now).

Regardless of what is translated, a quick comment on the *how*: In my
opinion, this shouldn't be done in the "runtime" translation files in
po/. There's a separate set of files in Documentation/po/ that are also
used for translation of the snippets.

> What should we translate?
> One reason for asking is that the list of Scheme
> functions 
> (
> is quite large (693 docstrings, as many as context
> properties and grob properties together) and all very
> technical, so I don't know if is a good idea to translate
> it.

No, if users start programming Scheme, they should be fine with the
English documentation. In general, I wouldn't translate anything in the
Internals manual.

> More precisely, for which of the following should
> translation support be added?
> - Markup and markup list function docstrings
> (,
> - Music function docstrings
> (,

These two would be nice because they are user-facing.

> - Type predicates
> (,

Not sure why these are in the NR at all?

> - All the stuff in the first three parts of the
>    Internals Reference: Music definitions, Translation,
>    Backend (including property docstrings,
>    music expression & context & engraver & grob interface
>    docstrings, etc.)
> - The list of Scheme functions.

In my opinion, no.


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