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Re: Stepping down from Patch Meister role

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Stepping down from Patch Meister role
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 22:12:44 +0000
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How much time do you spend per week as Patch Meister?

If the time requirement is manageable, I could step in.  I don't have lots of 
time to spend on Lilypond (hence my lack of current development work), but I  
could plan to spend some.

Please help me understand the time you spend.


´╗┐On 1/22/22, 11:09 AM, "lilypond-devel on behalf of Jonas Hahnfeld via 
Discussions on LilyPond development" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    Am Donnerstag, dem 13.01.2022 um 22:42 +0100 schrieb David Kastrup:
    > Kevin Barry <> writes:
    > > Hi James,
    > > 
    > > This is a big loss; you will be missed. Thank you for all of your hard 
    > > 
    > > > I want to stay a
    > > > developer and that conflicts both time-wise and with respect to
    > > > impartiality.
    > > 
    > > Finding a non-developer to fill James's shoes sounds difficult. I
    > > would volunteer, but I still plan to contribute patches.
    > git shortlog --author Lowe
    > should be some indication that this is not a conflict of interest as
    > such.  It may end up a conflict of resources.
    Yes, my initial message wasn't entirely clear, it's of course possible
    to contribute patches while being "Patch Meister". The "impartiality"
    aspect is that you should try to apply the same standards to your own
    submissions as to all other patches.
    So, there's around one week left until the end of January and this
    thread has more or less died down, thus last call for volunteers.

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