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Re: Should \partial accept music instead of duration?

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: Should \partial accept music instead of duration?
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2022 10:23:27 +0100
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But as you say "most applications".  Partial or incomplete measures are not always anacruses.  Hymns nearly always cut the final measure short so it logically joins with the partial measure at the start of the tune.  You might also find incomplete measures in volta sections when the starting repeat mark is mid-measure.

Yes, of course you're right, but as far as I can see, I do not need to use \partial for these applications:

\relative {
  \repeat volta 2 {
    \partial 4
    e e f f
    g4 e8 f g4
  a8 f
  g4 f8 e d4 e
  c2. \bar "|."

To me, upbeat (opposite the term downbeat) describes articulation/emphasis more than it does timing.  \anacrusis or \pickup are better options though still too strongly linked to the beginning of a piece.

That's a point where my English music terminology skills a lacking: In German, we say "Auftakt" which most often happens at the beginning of a piece (a partial measure etc.), but may also refer to actual music in mid-piece: In

\relative {
  \partial 8
  c4 c c r8 d
  e4 e e

the piece starts with an "Auftakt", but there's also a (musical) "Auftakt" to bar 2. (Common in orchestra rehearsals: "Let's start in bar X 'mit Auftakt'".)

I do not know what the precise meanings of the English terms upbeat/pickup/anacrusis actually are.


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