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Re: Missing dependencies in doc build after addition of PDF syntax highl

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Missing dependencies in doc build after addition of PDF syntax highlighting?
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2022 09:13:57 +0200
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Le 21/04/2022 à 08:31, Jonas Hahnfeld a écrit :
On Tue, 2022-04-19 at 20:13 +0200, Jean Abou Samra wrote:

This used to work for me in order to build just one document, as
opposed to building the full documentation:

make -j9 CPU_COUNT=9 -C Documentation out=www out-www/en/internals.pdf

This is also recommended in the CG.
Where? I couldn't find it.


The third section on that page, "Building a single document", also uses
'make out=www out-www/en/contributor.pdf' after 'cd Documentation/'.

If I do 'make -j9 CPU_COUNT=9 doc' instead, the start of
the build shows the generation of the missing files:

Making .pl files for lm fonts < afm
Making tex/out-www/lmttb.tfm < pl
Making tex/out-www/lmttbo.tfm < pl
Making tex/out-www/lmttr.tfm < pl
Making tex/out-www/lmttro.tfm < pl
Making .map and .enc files for lm fonts (tex)

Am I doing something wrong (in which case the CG needs updating) or
is the doc build missing some dependencies?
This is totally expected to me, 'make doc' first needs to generate the
fonts, which is done in tex/. Directly descending into a directory can
only work for incremental builds.

The specific way to build a single document doesn't matter all
that much to me. I would just like there to be a way.


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