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etags regex for Lilypond & LY_DEFINE* tags

From: John Wheeler
Subject: etags regex for Lilypond & LY_DEFINE* tags
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 14:10:03 -0500
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To facilitate using emacs xref in lilypond work, I wrote a script to assemble the needed TAGS file.  The unique feature of the script is that it includes the regex to find tags in Lilypond (.ly) files as well as tags defined in LY_DEFINE*  macros, in addition to the normal c++, python, lisp, scheme, yacc, and Makefile  tags.

Is there any interest in including such a script in the Lilypond source tree,  perhaps in a new scripts/emacs directory?

If this has been done before and published, could someone give a pointer to where I could find it?


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