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Re: editorial accidentals-repost to proper group

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: editorial accidentals-repost to proper group
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 13:45:48 +0200

Why not add the accidentals as text scripts. For figured bass
notation, I usually use the following definitions:

#(define text-flat '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.2) (music "accidentals--1"))))
#(define text-natural '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.35) (music "accidentals-0"))))
#(define text-sharp '((font-relative-size . -2)
         ((raise . 0.35) (music "accidentals-1"))))


c2^#text-sharp d4^#text-flat e^#`(columns ,text-sharp " 4")

If you just use the symbols alone, never combined with some
other text, you could remove the (raise ....) part of the 
definitions. If you want to adjust the spacing between the
accidentals and the note (or staff line, whichever is closest),
\property Voice.TextScript \set #'padding = #3


> I'm at the point where I'm adding ficta/mode-change notations to my
> first 30 files...except I can't see where lily has anything built-in to
> handle the raised editorial signs. If someone could point it out to me,
> I'd be grateful. If this really isn't in Lilypond yet, I suspect it
> should be.
> The rules seem to be that the editorial accidentals are on the order of
> 2/3-the-size of the normal ones, centered on the note and placed over
> it. The bottom point of the accidental hovers half a staff-space above
> the top line of the staff or the top of the note head or stem if either
> protrude above the top of the staff. The notes in question rarely rise
> above the staves if the editor is doing his job properly, and even so I
> can't remember ever, in 30 years of dealing with this stuff, seeing an
> editorial accidental placed under a staff. 
> raybro
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