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Re: lilypond stress test Mozart's Requiem

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: lilypond stress test Mozart's Requiem
Date: 16 Sep 2001 13:51:07 +0200

Martin Norbäck <address@hidden> writes:

> I am stress testing lilypond by typesetting Mozart's Requiem (the full
> score).

Wow, that's grand!

> I've run into some problems.

Yes, I can imagine.

> Some Staffs feature two instruments, when one is resting for several
> bars, I don't want the rest sign if the other instrument is playing. If
> use 's' then the rest sign won't show up if I make an extract with just
> that instrument.

We've made special arrangements for that, in particular the so-called
part-combiner (an devnull engravers).  You'll want to look at `Writing
parts' in the user manual:

in particular the section about automatic part combining:

There's a small example in the Tutorial:

which may or may not be useful.

You also may want to look at the sources for van Beethoven's Coriolan,
available from Mutopia.

> The generated MIDI file contains a strange track (number one), which
> seems to be the organ track, and uses instrument number 127. If i remove
> some other voices, this doesn't happen, so this must be a bug.

Ok, I'll have a look.

> Also, I would really appreciate suggestions on how to improve both
> typesetting and MIDI generation. For instance, how can I make trills
> come out as \trill in the typeset score and as repeated notes in the
> MIDI file? Also, using the notation c4:16, which Mozart uses doesn't
> give c16 c16 c16 c16 in the MIDI output.

MIDI is lacking some features.  It's main use currently, therefore, is
debugging the input.  Because Lily's primary focus is typesetting,
MIDI is not getting the attention it should.  These things really
should be fixed, it's not very productive to try and trick MIDI
output, I guess.

> I've typeset one part now, please find it at

I'd advice you to split the sources up into separate files, putting
the music of each part into a file.  That way you can easily print the
full score, and print all individual parts; have a look at the
Tutorial example, or the Coriolan.

Btw, do you know about point-and-click editing:

and skipping corrected music:

may be very useful ?


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