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checking for kpse_find_file

From: Danny Chrastina
Subject: checking for kpse_find_file
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 13:38:55 +0100 (BST)

Hello all,

        I'm just asking if anyone ever got anywhere solving this one:

checking for kpathsea/kpathsea.h... yes
checking for kpse_find_file in -lkpathsea... no
checking for kpse_find_file... no
configure: error: Cannot find kpathsea functions.  You should install kpathsea;
see INSTALL.txt.  Rerun ./configure --without-kpathsea only if kpathsea is
not available for your platform.

        On Caldera, TeX is installed in /opt/teTeX but I've symlinked
kpathsea into /usr/include so that it can be found. It's obviously not
enough, though. A couple of tests were mentioned on this list a while ago,
for checking that it's a recent enough version (it is) and that it works
(it does).

        It was then suggested that someone who knew their way around c
could sort it out from their fairly easily. So, has anyone?


| Mr. Danny Chrastina

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