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Re: Couple of questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Couple of questions
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 16:40:20 +0200

> Hi all,
>    Since  a  few  weeks,  I've gone into serious typesetting
>    with  an average of a page an hour (two staffs, four voi-
>    ces),  because I'm "restauring" the works of a lost harp-
>    sichordist  for a friend, and with every piece, I've dis-
>    covered  more  and  more the incredible strength (I can't
>    seriously can't imagine doing this with my Finale, or Si-
>    belius),  but also a few flaws/things I don't know how to
>    do:
>        - I'd like to put the title and subtitle of the piece
>          where  the instrument name usually is (right of the
>          staff) like this :
>          name of  address@hidden
>          piece    =F===========
>          address@hidden
>          =F====================
>          address@hidden||
>          =F==================||
>          Using  the  Staff.Instrument (whatever), arises two
>          incovenients  :  it's pretty hard to blindly select
>          sizes using LaTex \\huge \\large \\LARGE to set the
>          font  sizes,  and it have to add TOOOONNS of spaces
>          to have the String place correctly. I'm certain the
>          latter  is  a  bug.  For one reason or another, the
>          text is on the Staff, this isn't corrected by chan-
>          ging  indent properties or anything, it really just
>          sticks to the staff (this is true for every attempt
>          I've done until now).

I recommend to use the Lilypond support for font selection
instead of adding TeX commands in the strings. For example
you could say:
\property Staff.instrument = #`(Large "Name of piece")
Then, Lilypond should find the correct placement without any 
need to add spaces.

>          Making  this an option with ly2dvi would have seve-
>          ral  advantages,  notably, the one of saving a line
>          of  music : the name of the piece just takes up the
>          place  of  small  default indent. Of course this is
>          only useful for harpsichord pieces, or trio sonatas
>          because  in orchestral score, you'd rather want the
>          instrument names.

 A nice feature would be if Lilypond could
adapt the intentation automatically to provide enough space
for the instrument name.

I think Rune already found an answer to your other questions.


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