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Re: Lyrics above/below staff?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyrics above/below staff?
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 11:23:11 +0200

> Hello John,
> JP> For the most part, the one line of lyrics is uniform over all four parts. 
> But in at least 
> JP> one section of the music there are four different simultaneous lyrics. 
> I'd like to put 
> JP> the soprano part above the top staff, the alto below the top staff, the 
> tenor above 
> JP> the lower staff and the bass below the lower staff.  Placing the lyrics 
> below the staff 
> JP> is not a problem; I'm using \addlyrics.  Its getting the other lyrics 
> above the staff that 
> JP> is a problem for me.  Any ideas?
> Simply  put  the  Lyrics  context  you  want above the staff
> before the Staff context.
> \score {
>   <
>     \addlyrics
>       \context Lyrics \text
>       \context Staff = one {
>         \property Staff.noAutoBeaming = ##t
>         \property Staff.automaticMelismata = ##t
>         \melody
>       }
>   >
>   \paper { }
>   \midi  { }
> }

No, that's not a good idea, since the command \addlyrics copies the
rhythm from its first argument (the \text in this case) and applies
it to the second argument (the music). The proper solution is described
in the reference manual, section Lyrics, subsection "Automatic syllable 


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