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Re: clusters: note spacing problem and other things

From: Ian Bailey-Mortimer
Subject: Re: clusters: note spacing problem and other things
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:06:12 +1000

Hi David,

> As a lilypond beginner, I obviously probably will ask stupid
> question(s) to ...

Don't be afraid of asking "stupid" questions. If you don't ask, you'll
never find out the answer.

This is not really an answer to your problems (since I'm not sure what
you were trying to achieve) but just something I noticed because I've
done it myself many times..

>             {a2. <a2. b2. c2. a2is> <a2. b2. c2. a2is>}
>              {a2. <a2. b2. c2. a2is.> <a2. b2. c2. a2is.>}
> % a2is. instead of a2is

Do you not get a warning about "junking lyric request" when compiling
these examples? You need to put the (entire) pitch before the duration.
For example:

{a2. <a2. b2. c2. ais2> <a2. b2. c2. ais2>}
{a2. <a2. b2. c2. ais2.> <a2. b2. c2. ais2.>}

Finally, if the duration of a note is the same as the previous, you don't
need to give the duration again if you don't wish to. For example:

{a2. <a b c ais2> <a2. b c ais2>}
{a2. <a b c ais> <a b c ais>}

Ian Bailey-Mortimer <address@hidden>  <_><

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