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Re: lyrics

From: Maury Merkin
Subject: Re: lyrics
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 07:51:54 -0500

Hi all,

I have found that my problem with lining up the lyrics is always in the
case of tied notes.  So that if I have a word "ride" which is to be sung
on a g-sharp eighth note and then held for an additional half note (in ly
notation: | b8 gis' ~ gis2 | ) the lyric is never made to hold for the
duration but, rather, the word "long" is properly shown as sung on the b
eighth note and "ride" is properly shown as sung on the g-sharp eighth
note but then the next word is shown as sung on the g-sharp half note.

As a kludge I have "syllablized" ride to "ri- de" and that lines up
everything in an ugly sort of "proper" way.

Ain't there a better way to do this?



p.s. Laura, thanks for your response.

Laura Conrad wrote:

> >>>>> "Maury" == Maury Merkin <address@hidden> writes:
>     Maury> My song [see my other post of this hour] actually has
>     Maury> lyrics but I have found that getting the compiler to line up
>     Maury> the lyrics with the melody and chords to be nearly
>     Maury> impossible.
>     Maury> I suppose I'd like to know if that's just so or if others do
>     Maury> find that there are some "secrets."
> I didn't find just a straight lyric to be difficult.  But I wasn't
> writing it from scratch, I was using abc2ly, and I knew how to do it
> in ABC.  One problem is that the examples, such as, were
> written a long time ago, and aren't done the way anyone would do them
> now.
> So here's _Row, row, row your boat_ the way abc2ly does it.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------
>    row.lyName:
>          Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>   ------------------------------------------------------------
>     Maury> Also, I simply don't get from the docs how to line up lyrics
>     Maury> with sections of the song which are repeated.
> This is a little arcane, and I got a lot of help from this list.
> Here's an example that's probably more complicated than you want to
> do, where the A section repeats with different lyrics in the first
> verse but with the same lyrics in the second verse, and the B section
> repeats with the same lyrics in both verses.  An added complication is
> that the two "bars" at the beginning don't have lyrics at all, so the
> verse numbers should be at the first real bar:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------

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