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Another silly font question

From: ben . tordoff
Subject: Another silly font question
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 13:32:08 +0000 (GMT)
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I've been using Lily for about two years now,
always compiling from source, usually with no
problems. Having not had time to do any
typesetting for six months or so I thought it was
time to get back to it, and set about installing
the latest 'stable' rpm (Redhat7.1). This is on a
completely vanilla installation of the OS.

After sticking in the RPM, I tried to re-compile
some of my old scores, only to find that it can't
find most of the fonts. I then uninstalled the RPM
and tried from the latest source tarball - again
no fonts. I've scanned the FAQ and the last month
or so of this list and can't find anything
helpful, so the question is:

does anyone know what step I'm missing? I used to
have no problems with the series, but
perhaps there is an extra config step that isn't
in the install guide (a PATH setting perhaps?),
and which I can't remember from my previous linux box?

Thanks in advance

Ben Tordoff

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