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Re: new user....

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: new user....
Date: 01 Nov 2001 17:28:24 +0000
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>>>>> "Han-Wen" == Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes:

  Han-Wen> address@hidden writes:
  >> I've just started using Lilypond, and have to say that I was very
  >> impressed. I finally managed to work out how to get timidity

  Han-Wen> Thanks!
  >> First the headers (title, composer and so on) don't seem to
  >> appear on my scores. This occurs both with my own transcriptions,
  >> and also with the samples. Am I missing something here?

  Han-Wen> I think you're not using the ly2dvi script. If you are, I'd
  Han-Wen> like to know more details

        I am now, and it works great. Thanks very much.                 

  >> Secondly the MIDI output does not seem to understand or respect
  >> repeat marks. It just plays the music through. This is not a huge
  >> problem, but sounds a bit strange, especially when there are
  >> alternative endings to a repeat.

  Han-Wen> See


        Excellent. I shall give this a try as soon as possible. 
This is particularly important for me. I'm using lilypond partly to
learn to read music properly (I'm a guitarist, and a drummer, so hey,
who needs to read music! But I've just taken up mandolin seriously,
and score means I can play all the violin music). So I like to write
the score, and then play all to it later.

        Could I humbly suggest that this be incorporated as a
standard, with perhaps the facility to override this when necessary? 

  >> And finally I'm a bit confused by the \partial markup.  What
  >> precisely does the value afterwards represent? I've managed to
  >> get this working largely by trial and error!

  Han-Wen> It's a duration, just like the '4' from c4. Like notes, you
  Han-Wen> can multiply and divide these durations, i.e.

  Han-Wen>       4*2/3

  Han-Wen> is the duration of 2 eigths of eigths-triplet.

        Ah okay. I didn't know you could do arithmetic, which 
pretty much answers my question. Thanks again both for this, and for a
fantastic tool. 


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