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Fingering beneath the note

From: Martin Brodbeck
Subject: Fingering beneath the note
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 18:53:25 +0100


When I enter a chord, I want to set the fingering information (more or less) 
beneath each note. For example: ... <a4-2 c'-1> ...
Lilypond sets the fingering _under_ the staff, so you cannot know which note 
belongs to which finger. Is there a property which I can change in order to 
set the fingering info as I said?

BTW: The manual is IMHO a little bit confusing. Does someone know a big, 
extensive tutorial or something like that (except small one on the 


Martin Brodbeck
# eMail: address@hidden
# ICQ: 110273042

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