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Re: Problem rendering initial dynamics?

From: David Boersma
Subject: Re: Problem rendering initial dynamics?
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 19:09:53 +0100 (MET)


A bit more text to my previous mail: ly2dvi first calls lilypond which
exports (la)tex code which is then processed by LaTeX.

So in all quoted text strings in your Lilypond code you should be aware of
the latex special symbols (#, $, %, ~, &, _, ^, \, {, } or hash/pound,
dollar, percent, tilde, ampersand, underscore, caret, backslash and braces
(in case your mailprogram doesn't print these characters correctly)). If
you would like to use those literally in a string, you'll have to escape
them with a backslash ("\#, \$, \%"). If you don't, the special powers of
these characters are invoked during LaTeX. In this case that resulted in
an unhappy ending, but sometimes you can (ab)use this feature if you are
familiar with LaTeX (you even *need* LaTeX syntax to get diacritical marks
like ├╝mlauts and ├žedilles, namely with \"{u} and \c{c}).

By the way, in the output I got (with \# instead of #), the mezzoforte
(your initial reason for writing to this mailing list) is printed

David Boersma

PS: I used the source from the mail archive
and on that page something funny happens with equal signs (=) and opening
braces ({), extra newlines and texts "3D" and "20" are added. That does
not seem to happen in other posts. I have deleted your original mail too
quickly, I do not know if it also was already like that in your original
mail (then you have to fix something) or that it is maybe a mailarchive
problem (then mailman has to fix something).

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