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Re: several "easy" questions...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: several "easy" questions...
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:28:27 +0100

> ...or at least ones that most likely have been figured out...
> 1. How do I edit the "lily was here" at the bottom of the page?

Just set the 'tagline' header field:
  tagline = "Hello World!"

> 2. How do I make sure that the first line is not indented?  I've used
> LaTeX in the past, and figured the \noindent command should go somewhere,
> but can't seem to figure that out.

Once works well (it's broken at the
moment but worked reasonably yesterday), you could easily 
find the answer to this and many other questions from a free text
search in the on-line manual. Anyway, just set the paper variable
'indent' to the desired level of indentation:

    indent = 0.0\cm

> 3. I currently have a staff setup with words in between the treble and
> bass clefs.  Problem is, the measure bars continue from the top staff to
> the bottom and drive right over the words.  How do I quarantine the bar
> lines to just the staves and not in-between?

Try a \context ChoirStaff instead of GrandStaff or StaffGroup or
whatever you tried.

> 4. I would like to number my verses.  How?

See the example file input/regression/
or read in the reference manual about 'stanza'.

> 5. I would like to put a dynamic marking at the beginning of each verse,
> such as
> mf 1. this is verse one lyrics
> mf 2. this is verse two lyrics
> f  3. this is verse three
> pp 4. this is verse four.

Hmm, that's a good question. I tried to use font markup
commands in the stanza property but it didn't work. 
Bug or limitation?

% Failed attempt:
\property LyricsVoice . stanza = #'(dynamic "mf")

> 6. I saw the snippet to produce a metronome mark for "{eighth-note} = 60"
> in the manual...could someone provide the code for a quarter-note?  I
> kludged one, but it doesn't look pretty.

I tried to change 
  ,dotted-eight-note " = 64" 
  ,note " = 64"
in the example and it looks reasonably good to me.


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