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Re: Descrescendo difficulty

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Descrescendo difficulty
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 21:08:20 +0100

>         \context Voice = VA { \stemDown
>           <gis2 e b> <fis8 dis b^\accent> r b a 
>           <gis2 b,> <fis cis>
>           }
> Compiles fine.  I want a decrescendo to start on the first chord,
> finish on the second chord, but anywhere I put it I seem to get a
> parse error. 

          \context Voice = VA { \stemDown
            <gis2 \> e b> < \! fis8 dis b^\accent> r b a 
            <gis2 b,> <fis cis>

The simple principle is to place the \> after the note where
the decrescendo should start and the \! before the finishing
note. At least in the reference manual, this is explained in 
a reasonably concise way. For a chord, you could use any of 
the simulaneous notes, so another possible version of your 
example is

          \context Voice = VA { \stemDown
            <gis2 e b\> > < fis8 \! dis b^\accent> r b a 
            <gis2 b,> <fis cis>


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