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Re: Adjusting paper

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Adjusting paper
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:00:17 +0100

It seems nobody sent an answer to your questions.
I redirected your question to the new main mailing
list for Lilypond usage questions.

> Hi,
> I don't like how lilypond (or LaTeX) handles paper margins. In fact, it 
> leaves too
> space at bottom of each page, it could place there another line of music, 
> or, at least,
> it should change the spacing between systems to better fit the space 
> available in each
> page. How can I change this? I tried to change the geometry parameters in 
> the latex
> file generated by lilypond but I've hadn't success...

Simply set the textheight paper variable:

    textheight = 27.0\cm  

> Another question: when I make two chords like <gis d(> <)a cis> I want a 
> slur starting
> from d and ending on a. Generally Lilypond places the slur in the right 
> way, but sometimes
> it simply ignores my directives and places the slur in a very ugly way. 
> I've used a simple
> workaround for this using another voice with invisible stems and adding the 
> slur in this voice
> instead. I think anyway that it's a very big bug in lilypond if it cannot 
> place the slur
> where I want in chords. I'm wrong?

If you want a slur between specific notes of a series of chords, 
than you probably want those notes to be part a a separate voice
with separate stems. Lilypond is designed with that typographical
principle in mind. 

For example, you could do something like

  \context Staff <
    \context Voice = upper {\voiceOne g ( a b ) c}
    \context Voice = lower {\stemDown c, c d c}>

> Another question (again... ;-): there's a way to make a slur that firstly 
> is down then
> change direction and goes up (and viceversa)? Often when editing piano 
> music I need a slur
> following a voice that changes staff. Surely I can make it using direct 
> postscript in the
> source, but I've noticed the details(list) and also control-points(list) 
> parameters for
> the slur grob. I've tried the lattest but it seems to not change anything...

Not as far as I know.

> Another question (okay, this is the last): there's a way to change the 
> inclination of a
> hairpin? Often, in very complex piano music is impossible to place an 
> hairpin because
> it collides with other objects. I'd want to change it's inclination to 
> avoid collisions.
> I've not found any parameter to change this... :-(

I don't know of any direct support for that either.

> Bye, Romaz
> PS: Sorry for my very very bad English, I hope you have understood anyway...

No problem at all!


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