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Re: Newbie beyond recovery or definition, it seems

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Newbie beyond recovery or definition, it seems
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 10:52:34 +0100

It looks as if you try to view the Lilypond input file 
with the postscript viewer GSView. 

To process a Lilypond file, run

ly2dvi -P

This will produce a Postscript file, that you 
can view with GSView.

However, you also have a couple of errors in your example file, 
see my comments below.

>      I'm experimenting with LilyPond as a way of creating some simple 
> melody lines I can kludge into explanations of chant.  However, GSview 
> keeps spitting up the first .ly file I've created (see below), complaining 
> of an undefined term, and I can't find anything in the FAQs or list 
> archives to tell me what I've done wrong.  Also, I'm blest if I can see 
> how to code a key signature such as B-flat; again, I read all over the 
> place in the online docs and then took my best guess at it, but I've no 
> idea that I'm correct.  Elucidation will be welcomed.
> Displaying non DSC file C:/cygwin/home/Dustpuppy/
> Unrecoverable error: undefined in \header
> --- Begin offending input ---
> \header{
> filename =    ""
> title =               "Sarum plain chant"
> composer =    "Traditional"
> enteredby =   "sjcw"
> copyright =   "public domain"
> }
> \score {
>   \notes {

You probably want to change the preceeding line to 
   \notes \relative c' {
to get the correct octave.

>      \time 4/4
>      \clef violin
>      \key bes \major
>      d--2 [e8 f8] g4 | a--4 [b8 e8] [b,8 e8 d8 c8] |

I don't know what you expect d--2 to do, it's syntactically 
incorrect. Maybe you want d2-- (a half note with a tenuto mark)
or d-2 (a note with a fingering instruction).

>      b1-\fermata
>      \bar"|."
>   }
>   \paper { }
> }
> --- End offending input ---
> file offset = 0
> gsapi_run_string_continue returns -21
> (Incidentally, adding Gregorian or Sarum notation support to ver 1.5 would 
> be favorite, if it's not slated to go in there already.)

Yes, there has been some work by Juergen Reuter in 1.5.x to introduce 
support for Gregorian chants, see
and recent discussions in the mailing list archives.


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