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Re: How to...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to...
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:28:37 +0100

> Dear GNU LilyPond Crew,
> I've been running the setup.exe and several files and directories have been 
> copied to my desktop. How do I install the program? The following files are 
> copied to my desktop:
> setup
> latest (dir)
> windows (dir)
> tar (dir)
> contrib (dir)
> setup.txt
> setup.log.full

When you run the setup program, you should select the option 
"Install from Internet". If you already did that and the 
installation was successful, you will still have these files
on your desktop but you will also have an icon named Lilypond
and/or Cygwin. The instructions on were updated
some days ago, just go there, click on the Windows link and 
scroll down to see how to verify that the installation was

If you just did "Download from Internet" and have a slow modem 
connection, you don't have to download it all again, just rerun
the setup program and select "Install from Local Directory".


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