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Re: Breath, Was: Lyrics alignment again

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Breath, Was: Lyrics alignment again
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 23:25:43 +0100

> Hello,
> > > > Another thing I ran in to was that they use a checkmark as a way to note
> > > > places where one takes a breath. I eventually figured out a hack with
> > > > \bowup that works OK.
> > > 
> > > I think that would be a nice hack to submit to
> > > (and/or to the proposed 'Tips &
> > > Tricks' section).
> > 
> > The standard way to get a breath mark is to use the \breath
> > command, for example
> > c'4 \breathe d4
> I know that standard way, but that gives only a small scratch instead of a
> well visible V-shaped checkmark. 
> > However, it is a bit limited since it's impossible to change
> > the layout of the mark at the moment.
> So that is why I was happy with Grisha's promise that he had a hack to get
> a checkmark...

There's actually a better hack, just add the following lines
to your file, to get the wedge with the \breathe command:

      BreathingSign \override #'molecule-callback = #Text_item::brew_molecule
      BreathingSign \override #'text = #'(music "scripts-upbow")

I'd actually suggest to include this "hack" as the default
action for \breathe in Lilypond. Maybe with the text 
set to (music "scripts-rcomma") instead. It'd be easy to
add some more alternatives symbols, like a more pronounced
comma and a // for ceasuras.


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