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mutopia on usatoday

From: jeff covey
Subject: mutopia on usatoday
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 15:55:03 -0500
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hey, all!

you may remember me as someone who used to post here about 30 years
ago or so.  other tasks have drawn my attention for some time, so i
set my lilypond mail aside to catch up on later, and, well...

address@hidden % ls -lh ~/mail/incoming/gnu-music
-rw-------    1 jeff jeff 13M Dec  4 17:15 /home/jeff/mail/incoming/gnu-music

but grepping that doesn't show me anything about usatoday, so i
thought i would point out this for those who didn't see it:

and just give my periodic note of thanks and admiration to everyone
involved in lilypond and mutopia; you're doing wonderful work.


| jeff covey address@hidden 410-869-8088 |
|      your download links dont work, foo -- contributor       |

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