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(no subject)

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 07:30:08 -0600 (CST)
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%Oops.  I'm not used to IMP.

\version "1.4.9"

\header {
  dedication = "Namo Summaambuddhassa"
  title = "Joy to the World"
  composer = "Haendel"
  poet = "allegro"
% poet is not in the same typeface as composer.
  instrument = "Arr. for Solo Guitar by David Raleigh Arnold"
  copyright = "\center \copyright 2001 David Raleigh Arnold"
% don't worry about the copyright, it doesn't work anyway.
papersize = "letter"
\include ""
\include ""

Top = \notes \context Voice = $Top { \voiceOne
\clef "G_8" \time 4/4 \key a \major \stemUp \tieUp

<cs'2 a'> <gs'4. e'>  <fs'8  d'>               <cs'2. e'> <b4 d'>
<a2 cs'>  <gs b>                                a2.  <cs'4 e'>
%%%% 4

 <fs'2.  d'>   <fs'4  d'>                    <d'2. gs'>   <d'4 gs'>
<cs'1 a'>                  ~                     <cs'2 a'> r4  a'
%%%% 8

<cs'4 a'> gs'  <fs'  d'>    e'         <cs'4. e'> <b8 d'> <cs'4 a> a' 
<cs'4 a'> gs'  <fs'  d'>    e'         <cs'4. e'> <b8 d'> <cs'4 a> <cs'4 a>
%%%% 12

<cs'4 a><cs'4 a><cs'4 a><cs'8 a><b8 d'>          <cs'2. e'><b8 d'><cs'8 a>    
<gs4 b><gs b><gs b><gs8 b><cs'8 a>             <b2. d'><cs'8 a><b8 gs>
%%%%% 16

a4 a'2 <fs'4  d'>          <cs'4. e'> <b8 d'> <a4 cs'>  <b d'>
<a2 cs'><gs b>           a1
\bar "|."

Bass = \notes \context Voice = $Bass { \voiceTwo
\stemDown \tieDown

 a,2 d           a,4 a,8 a, a,4 d
 e2 e,          a,4 a, a,2
%%%% 4

d2. d4                b,2. b,4
a,4 a, a, a,         a, a, a,2
%%%% 8

a,2 d                 a,1
a,2 d                 a,1
%%%% 12

a,2 a,                a,4 a,4 a,2
e,2 e,                e,4 e, e,2
%%%% 16

a,2 d             a,2. d4
e2 e,                 a,1 

\score {
   \context Staff <
  \paper {
     stemThickness = \lineThickness % haven't gotten around to it.

  \midi { }  

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