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Midi interface in lilypond Re: Feeding a troll.

From: charles
Subject: Midi interface in lilypond Re: Feeding a troll.
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 22:33:29 -0800

Sorry I wasn't a little more clear in first Email.
Its just that a more immediate method of displaying a screen output  in
a page layout would go a long way to making
Linux computerized music typesetting  more efficient.

To answer as to whether or not I'm a troll, well, if I was I sure
wouldn't be trying to help create something with no serious prospects
of financial pay back.

What I would love to see is a music notation device that could become a
swiss army knife to teachers, composers and any musically literate
player who uses a computer. If this imaginary system could be
encorperated in the linux os, all the better.

Funny though most of the musicians and teachers I know around here
(Victoria B.C.) use  older Apples to typeset  music, with either Encore
or Finale.
They usually complain bitterly about the price and most of them, because
of the cost, will not think twice about piracy.

Yes I have tried Lilypond but find that the process of visualisation of
its output from only its input language is a long climb, not unlike
writing in c++.
Not nearly as difficult as Musixtex, but  still a long process.

A gui with a command line and some carefully thought out functions for
file and settings,
that could pipe its output to Lilypond and return a rewritten screen at
each entry should be possible.
If the system resource  usages are  planned very carefully, then newer
processors with adequate ram should have no trouble  accomplishing  good

output speed. I feel that this would greatly lessen the learning curve
in Lilypond and make quick accurate typesetting of original composition

Thanks for your reply,
Musically yours Eric Reesor

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