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Re: Midi interface in lilypond Re: Feeding a troll.

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: Midi interface in lilypond Re: Feeding a troll.
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 09:39:49 +0100
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>>>>> "charles" == charles  <address@hidden> writes:


  Eric> Yes I have tried Lilypond but find that the process of
  Eric> visualisation of its output from only its input language is
  Eric> a long climb, not unlike writing in c++.  Not nearly as
  Eric> difficult as Musixtex, but still a long process.

  Eric> A gui with a command line and some carefully thought out
  Eric> functions for file and settings, that could pipe its output to
  Eric> Lilypond and return a rewritten screen at each entry should be
  Eric> possible.  If the system resource usages are planned very
  Eric> carefully, then newer processors with adequate ram should have
  Eric> no trouble accomplishing good output speed. I feel that this
  Eric> would greatly lessen the learning curve in Lilypond and make
  Eric> quick accurate typesetting of original composition possible.

I would love to have such software too. In the theory, I think that an
X11 backend could be implemented. It wouldn't need to be as accurate
as the printing backend, since most of the time you just want to see
roughly and quickly the ouput. And some kind of diff could be used so
that the whole score does not need to be redisplayed each time you
change a single note.

I guess there's lot of room for operational research applications
here. But like many others, I'm too busy with other things to tackle
all these interesting problems. Good excuse isn't it ? :-)

Laurent Martelli

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