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Re: Extra lyrics appearing in output

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Extra lyrics appearing in output
Date: 11 Jan 2002 10:03:06 +0100

Laura Conrad <address@hidden> writes:

> There must be an obvious answer, but when I run the attached file,
> there's an extra lyric on the last note of the voice part, or an extra
> articulation over the last note of the right hand keyboard line.  Where
> is that "a2" coming from?

That's the part-combiner in work.  You probably want to just make it
shut-up, by setting Staff.soloADue to false, see below.  Maybe you
need to tweak the partcombiner wrt chords, or don't actually need/want
the partcombiner, but just fixed \voiceOne, \voiceTwo pairs?

See also:

Hmm, there are also two properties, splitInterval and changeMoment,
but they've been omitted in the documentation.  I'll fix that.

(translator-property-description 'changeMoment moment-pair? "duration
that voices are examined for differences, when part-combining.
Usually unset or zero when combining threads into one voice, and 1 (or
the duration of one measure) when combining voices into one staff.")

(translator-property-description 'splitInterval number-pair?
"part-combiner will separate its two voices (or threads) when interval
between the two voices is contained in this range.")

> I'm using 1.4.10.

[snip lots of music - wow]

>       \context Staff="2"
>       {
                % Silence partcombiner.
                \property Staff.soloADue = ##f

>               \context Voice=one \partcombine Voice
>                        \context Thread=one \transpose g <\voiceB>
>                        \context Thread=two \transpose g <\voiceC>
>       }
>       \context Staff="3"
>       {
                % Silence partcombiner.
                \property Staff.soloADue = ##f
>               \context Voice=two \partcombine Voice
>                        \context Thread=one \transpose g <\voiceD>
>                        \context Thread=two \transpose g <\voiceE>
>       }


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