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Linux:noteedit:repeat both

From: Joerg Anders
Subject: Linux:noteedit:repeat both
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:58:35 +0100 (CET)

noteedit-1.17.0 is available:

New features:
- repeat both:  :||:
- Slovak version (Thanks to Zdenko Podobny <address@hidden>)

The other features are special requests from some Noteedit users:

+ Usage of computer keyboard as "MIDI keyboard":
        "C" means "pitch C"  \
        "D" means "pitch D"   |--> configurable
        "E" means "pitch E"   |
           ...               /

+ All keys are configurable 

+ Automatic bar insertion at the end

    Only at the end! A general automatic bar insertion causes
    logical problems.

+ Inserting/Moving notes causes a MIDI echo

+ configurable page turn over
    some users want to determine the exact page turn over point
    during replay

+ several syllables one note

    This is especially useful for some eastern European languages
    Czech: Byl jsem <v le-> su 

+ PMX/MusiXTeX export with musixlyr

    If you install the "musixlyr" package by Rainer Dunker you can
    use the "with musixlyr" checkbox. This causes a compact lyrics
    block instead a collection of "\zcharnote" constructs in 
    MusiXTeX and PMX.

+ Combine chords/Auto bar  works correcrtly for 2nd, 3rd, ... voice
    This was still a bug in noteedit-1.16.x

other features:

   - insertion/deletion/modification of notes, rests, multi rests, dotted 
     tied notes, slured notes, clefs with/without shift, time signatures,
     key signatures, volume signatures, tempo signatures, triplets, repeat
     groups with/without special ending and instrument changes on different
   - stem up/down
   - zoom
   - building chords;
   - trills;
   - (de-)crescendo
   - fermata;
   - forzato, portato, strong pizzicato, sforzando;
   - building groups of beamed notes;
   - multiple voices per staff
   - multilingual (German version Swedish version)
   - playing on /dev/sequencer (if correctly configured) whereby:
        o giving each staff a different voice;
        o giving each staff a different channel;
        o giving each staff a different reverbation and chorus;
        o highlighting the played notes;
        o muting staffs;
   - lyrics
   - export MusiXTeX;
   - export PMX;
   - export MIDI;
   - import MIDI;
   - read from MIDI keyboard;
   - Application of MIDI event filters to eliminate
     some dirty effects (especially on human played MIDI files);
   - record from MIDI keyboard;
   - saving an restoring the files. The fileformat is similarily to the
     format of the music publication program (MUP). So you if you are a MUP
     user you have the possibility to convert the files into MIDI and
     Postscript. But this is no longer necessary because noteedit can export
     MusiXTeX, PMX and MIDI.
   - autosave with configurable autosave interval; 
   - load last processed file (configurable) 

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (address@hidden)

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (address@hidden)

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