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Re: Mismatched notes

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Mismatched notes
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:26:32 +0100

> I have a piece of piano music I'm trying to enter into lilypond.  In the 
> midst of this piece, the treble clef has some mismatched notes -- like a 
> whole note with two half notes under it.  What's the best way to handle 
> this?  I'm sure there's something I could do with combining parts, but would 
> I have to combine parts for the whole piece just to accommodate this one 
> anomaly?  Or does lilypond have some other special feature that I've 
> overlooked?
> David Wynn

Anywhere in the middle of some music, you could introduce
two simultanous voices. Example

c4 d e f |
% Split into two "chords" of music, sharing the same
% voice context (e.g. same stem directions and so on):
<{g2 g}{e4 d e c}>
% Split into two separate voices of music, that could
% have individual stem directions and so on:
<\context Voice=upper{\voiceOne g2 g}
 \context Voice=lower{\voiceTwo e4 d e c}>
% Continue with just one voice:
g4 f e d | c1

The macros \voiceOne and \voiceTwo set a number of properties
for the direction of stems, slurs, ties and dots. See the file
ly/ (or ly/ for the exact definitions
and a list of other useful macros.


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