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Re: LilyPond for windows now tetex based

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: LilyPond for windows now tetex based
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:32:58 +0100

> > Also, it didn't install Lilypond+friends by default, just 
> > an "ordinary" cygwin. When I added Lilypond with dependencies
> > to the list, it runs the post-install scripts and after a 
> > while it complains about a missing library cygz.dll needed
> > for pdftex. The latter problem is more of an inconvenience, 
> > Lilypond runs well.
> Thanks for testing this all.  I'm sorry for all this brokenness.
> To make things worse, I'm going on vacation tomorrow afternoon and
> will be off line for a week.
> Maybe there's something I can do, but I've got not very much time to
> figure everything out.
> To summarize:
>    * setup.exe doesn't work
>      status: can't reproduce
>      solution: rename new-setup.exe -> setup.exe
>    * cygz.dll dependency
>      status: silly oversight, dependency already listed in setup.ini
>      solution: just add to mirror
>    * cygcrypt.dll depedency
>      status: huh?  where did we pick this up?  what executables/dlls
>              depend on this?
I didn't experience these problems when trying to install today.
>      solution1: add dependency to openssl to cygwin package
>                 add openssl package to mirror
>      solution2: investigate, get rid of this dependency, if possible.
>                 but how?  cygwin-1.3.9 is now latest, and was added
>                 to the mirror.  would reverting to cygwin-1.3.6 get
>                 rid of this dependency?  would we want to revert
>                 (people will want to upgrade from anyway,
>                 and get in trouble)?
> Is that all, would this help?

How about the problem that Lilypond itself wasn't included
in the default setup?

(Note: the OKs above just mean "makes sence", I haven't tested)


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