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Re: Lilypond - which Ghostscript and which GS viewer to install.

From: Bob Schmertz
Subject: Re: Lilypond - which Ghostscript and which GS viewer to install.
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 01:46:39 -0500
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On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 08:55:26AM -0500, Guus Wijte wrote:
> I did the testing for Windows as suggested, and then when I ran the command : 
> gsview32 -P foo
> a message came back that I had to install a Ghostscript. 
> At first I ignored this meassage, and proceeded to open the "foo" file
> in gsview as suggested.  The music displayed beautifully in the
> gsview-er window, but then I could not print it without having
> Ghostscript installed of course.
> I then installed Ghostscript 7.04 (the latest Beta version).  At the
> Ghostscript site it also says that I have to use an updated gs viewer
> capable of dealing with Ghostscript 7.04.  It said that gsview version
> 32 (do they mean : gsview32 ?) won't work with Ghostscript 7.04 :

gsview32 means a version of gsview that works on Windows 32 (see below).

> The message there reads : 
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
> You will need to obtain and run the self-extracting EXE 
>   gs704w32.exe, AFPL Ghostscript 7.04 for Win32 6208000 bytes 
> You can unzip this if you want to check the contents. 
> It is recommended that you also install GSview, a graphical interface to 
> Ghostscript. GSview 4.1 and earlier will not work with AFPL Ghostscript 7.04. 
> You will need to use GSview 4.12 beta. 
> Question 1 : What do I need to do : install the updated gsviewer? Which one 
> exactly? 
> Is it : gsv41w32.exe   Win32 self extracting archive   ??

gsv412w32.exe, if you want to stick with GhostScript 7.04.  Unfortunately,
you seem to be in a catch-22 situation.  The the only GSview that will
work with the latest GhostScript is a beta version (could be buggy), while
the GhostScript that works with the latest release version would appear to
have a security problem (7.04 is identified as a "security update and
maintenance release" at ).

> Question 2 : What does Windows 32 mean? 

Any version of Windows from Win 95 through at least Win NT and WinME, and
probably also Win2000 and XP.

> Question 3 : In the directory :
> there are more files; there is also a file What is in this
> source-file? Do I need to install this file as well?

No, that is the source code, written in C, for those who for whatever
reason want to compile it from source, of perhaps hack it a bit.

> Question 4 : Or is it best to uninstall GHostscript 7.04, and then
> install Ghostscript 7.03 together with GSview release v4.1?

I have no personal experience with either of those, so I can't vouch for
the quality or reliability of any of them, but personally, I'd go with
uninstalling 7.04 and going to 7.03.

> Question 5 : When uninstalling, since these programs run under DOS and
> cannot be uninstalled via the Control Panel, does it suffice to just
> remove the pertaining directories?

Don't know -- I'm not much of a Windows user.  But I thought I recalled
that when it installed and created a folder for itself in the start menu,
it also created a menu item for uninstall.  Did you find anything in the
notes that came with it about uninstalling?

Bob Schmertz

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