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Re: Artificial string harmonics question

From: René Bastian
Subject: Re: Artificial string harmonics question
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 23:41:29 +0100

Please, notice that in violin playing one needs often to note 3 pitches:

1. for the basis note (first finger) :
this note is written with normal shape
2. for the "touch" note (?) = often the 4th finger, but not necessarily :
one can get harmonics with "major third" placing ;
this note is writtent by a diamond shape
3. for the resulting note
which is written like a cue note

I suggest to create a lilypond command (in a TeX like notation) :
\harmonicartif{ #1#2 #3}{ <description> }
In lilyponding, I see a way to write it like a chord.
< \shape1{pitch} \shape2{pitch} \shape3{pitch} >

(PS : I apologize for my bad English)


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