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numbering collision

From: Heikki Johannes Junes
Subject: numbering collision
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 12:38:54 +0200 (EET)

There seem to be some collision (1.5.32 and 1.4.11) when
fingering is put above tuplets. An example:

\score { 
    \notes \transpose c'''
    \context Staff {
            \times 2/3 {a,8^5 c^1 b'8^2} 
            \times 2/3 {c'8^5 d^1 a,,8^2} 
            \times 2/3 {d8^5 d^1 r8^2} 

I would like to rise the finger numbering for the centermost note in the
tuplets. Is there a "right" way to do it? I like to keep both tuplet
number (3) and fingering numbers (5 1 2) above the notes.

      Heikki Junes

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