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Chinese in LilyPond?

From: Francis M. C. Ching
Subject: Chinese in LilyPond?
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:10:37 -0500 (EST)


I have a couple of questions.

First, have anyone tried using LilyPond to typeset songs with Chinese title,
author name, tagline, or lyrics?  In the older versions, LilyPond used a LaTeX
template file to generate the LaTeX file first, and so I was able to modify
that file to include the CJK package and wrap everything around with
\begin{CJK*}... ... \end{CJK*}.  However, the newer versions, (I'm using
1.4.0) have changed the way titles, author names, tagline, and lyrics are
generated and there is no more template file.  I have tried using ly2dvi -k
and then hacked the .latex/.tex file manually.  The result was nothing but
frustration.  Basically, I'm hoping to be able to generate the final .latex
file such that it has:


But I also realize that this is not enough, since the tagline apparently
cannot be coerced to work.  To get Chinese texts at other places to work, I
have to use bg5conv'ed text.  The problem is for the lyrics, the text glob
size is calculated based on the converted string.  The end result is while CJK
was able to convert the strings back to Chinese font, they are all shifted.
About the only thing that works without much tweaking is the title and the
author names.  For some strange reason, the tagline disappears if \begin{CJK*}
... \end{CJK*} is present in the .latex file.  If anyone has looked into this
before, please let me know.

Second question is somewhat related to the first question.  I was able to
generate songs with Chinese lyrics without conversion using lilypond-book,
that is, use the combined LaTeX+\lilypondfile{} approach.  The problem I have
is now I would like to insert symbols commands in the .ly file that LaTeX can
use.  Specifically, I have been trying to put circled letters on top of
certain notes.  In LaTeX, I can do that by calling \textcircled{\textsc{a}},
for instance.  How do I do that within a .ly file so that \lilypondfile will
place the command intact into the corresponding lily-xxx.tex file?  Or, is
that a more compact way of doing this in general?  Right now, I achieve the
desire result by manually modify the lily-xxx.tex files.

Any help is much appreciated!  Please email me at
address@hidden  Thanks!


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