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metronome marking and fingering with grace notes

From: Joan Dyer
Subject: metronome marking and fingering with grace notes
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:33:45 -0500

I'm a new user, and really love this.  However I have a few
problems/questions.  I am currently running 1.4.10.jcn1 under Win98SE 
but expect to be converting to Linux in the near term.

1. The metronome marking for quarter/half/dotted half as noted in the
documentation works (lovely).  But: can someone point me to how/what I
can do to get a half note or whole note to appear in the metronome

2. I put a fingering (using, e.g., ^"3") over a grace note.  That works
but the finger number also appears with the following note.  Is there a


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