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Re: metronome marking and fingering with grace notes

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: metronome marking and fingering with grace notes
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:45:36 +0100

 > I'm a new user, and really love this.  However I have a few
> problems/questions.  I am currently running 1.4.10.jcn1 under Win98SE 
> but expect to be converting to Linux in the near term.
> 1. The metronome marking for quarter/half/dotted half as noted in the
> documentation works (lovely).  But: can someone point me to how/what I
> can do to get a half note or whole note to appear in the metronome
> marking?

In the font, the note head for the half note is called 
"noteheads-1" and that for whole notes is called "noteheads-0".
I think you can figure out yourself how to get rid of the 
stem of the whole note. 
Unfortunately, we don't have any full list of font symbols 
easily accessible. You could take a look in the file
/usr/lilypond/share/lilypond/afm/feta20.afm to find a list
of the names. With some imagination and some trial and error
you could guess which is which. (To translate this Cygwin
style path to a Windows path, just issue the command
cygpath -w /usr/lilypond/...
in the Lilypond command window.)

> 2. I put a fingering (using, e.g., ^"3") over a grace note.  That works
> but the finger number also appears with the following note.  Is there a
> work-around?

Unfortunately, the grace note handling is one of the weakest 
points in the stable 1.4.x release. It has been completely
reimplemented in the experimental 1.5.x series but we don't
have any prepacked Windows versions available of any 1.5 
version. The biggest problem with the grace notes in 1.4 is
probably the handling of slurs and ties in combination with 
grace notes.

If you install Linux, it will be easy to try out also the
1.5 series (with its pros and cons).


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