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Re: help with installation

From: Michael J McGonagle
Subject: Re: help with installation
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 21:29:12 -0600

Laura Conrad wrote:

Hello Laura, Jan, and Han-Wen;

I really appreciate your help here. I just wonder if my system has been
compromised in someway (ie beyond repair). When I tried to install
'guile' from the sources it errored out due to a conflicting definition
of what looks like a function call. SO, I am stuck with guile not

Laura, I tried you suggestion of 'rpm -Uvh lilypond-1.4.2-1mdk.i586.rpm'
and it tells me  that there is a missing package of ''. So,
now there is a new wrinkle.

Once again, thank you for all your help. I really have become a little
more discouraged with Mandrake, and I think that I will start the
investigation of Debian.



> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael J McGonagle <Michael> writes:
>     Michael> I still think if I am going to change/upgrade my
>     Michael> distribution, I will move to Debian.
> I had that idea too.   I agree that the Debian package manager
> probably works better than the RPM stuff (not rpm itself, but urpmi
> and the graphical version).  Unfortunately, no package manager can
> work any better than the information given it by the package
> maintainers, and Debian seems to get even less testing of its
> individual packages than Mandrake does.  Or at least that is the
> conclusion I come to based on the fact that upgrading from the current
> stable to the current testing version caused me not to be able to get
> into X because the default font wasn't installed.
>     Michael> Anyway, I will see if I can get all of guile installed,
>     Michael> and try the sources again. I think that if this problem
>     Michael> is caused by some part of guile that Lilypond needs, then
>     Michael> upgrading to 8.1 might not be necessary.
> As I said, if you need printing (and who doesn't?) I don't recommend
> 8.1.
>     >> Mine certainly wasn't.  I did the reinstall when I stopped being able
>     >> to do rpm even for simple things.  I think that version of urpmi or
>     >> the GUI that went with it was seriously bad.
>     Michael> Quite frankly, I have never been able to do anything with
>     Michael> 'rpm' except view the contents of an archive, or possible
>     Michael> unpack it, but I have never been able to install any rpm
>     Michael> packages.
> When you say "rpm -Uvh <filename.rpm> does it not install?  It should
> have when your install was virgin.  Unless you were missing
> dependancies, which in the case of a complicated package is likely.
> I think mine continued to do that, but stopped being able to do things
> like:
>         rpm -qa | grep guile
> But I learned about using rpm because I started using RPM based
> distributions before there were wrappers that knew how to read the rpm
> database.  If I were starting now, I'd stick to urpmi, urpmf, and
> friends.  But they still have a way to go in stability -- I had to
> edit the list of sources by hand when I added my 8.2 beta3 cd's,
> because the Software Manager got the format wrong when I used it.
> --
> Laura (mailto:address@hidden , )
> (617) 661-8097  fax: (801) 365-6574
> 233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

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