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Affordable Art Gallery Databases

From: morelistinfo
Subject: Affordable Art Gallery Databases
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 15:39:46 -0500

We are pleased to introduce an exceptional database of Art Galleries across 
America. In the past, we have connected thousands of authors and publishers 
with bookstores and libraries where they have sold their work. Now, we offer 
the same opportunity to artists who want to showcase their talent to galleries.

Our Art Gallery databases include the galleries' name, address, phone number, 
and fax number (when available) and is available in Microsoft Excel and a Text 
Database at no additional cost. You can select either regional lists or our 
comprehensive national list. We provide you unlimited-use, extensive databases 
from which you can easily create mailing labels, phone and fax lists. Receive 
your lists within minutes of placing your order.

AVAILABLE LISTS (Please see Bookstore & Library Lists at end of email)
Southern US:   $39 (140 Galleries)
Central  US:   $39 (150 Galleries)
Western  US:   $69 (272 Galleries)
Eastern  US:   $89 (559 Galleries)
National List: $149 (1121 Galleries)

You will be able to download your lists WITHIN MINUTES.

Call 888-330-4919 (24/7) to place your order or for more information. If you 
would like more information via email, please write us at address@hidden only. 
Thank you. 
OUR GUARANTEE: We will gladly refund postage (up to 34 cents per item) for any 
undeliverable addresses over 5% of the total list. We will also correct the 
undeliverable contacts and issue you an updated list.


To be removed from any future mailings, please send a message with REMOVE in 
the subject line to address@hidden Requests will be processed within 48 hours 
at that address only. Thank you.


Your favorite stores, helpful shopping tools and great gift ideas. Experience 
the convenience of buying online with address@hidden

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