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RE: sharp and turn on a note

From: Bas Wassink
Subject: RE: sharp and turn on a note
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 01:19:43 +0100

> > This question has probably been asked before,
> but > can someone tell me how to
> > put a sharp AND a turn on a note ? (The turn 
> > should be above the sharp.)
> Assuming you mean stacking them above one-another
> (ie. indicating that you should use an accidental
> for the rise/fall note), try this:
> c''4-\p^#'(music "accidentals-1")^#'(music
> "scripts-turn")^#'(music "accidentals--1")
> If someone knows a way of forcing the sharp / flat
> sign to appear in a smaller font, I'd love to hear
> about it.
Here's a way to get smaller accidentals above/below the turn:

microflat = #'((font-relative-size . -3) (music "accidentals--1"))
microsharp = #'((font-relative-size . -3) (music "accidentals-1"))
normalturn = #'(music "scripts-turn")

\score {\notes {\relative c' {
  c4^\microsharp^\normalturn^\microflat }}}

By substituting -3 with -2 or -1 you'll get a bigger font.

Hope this helps,
Bas Wassink.

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